Bremen Ghana Int'l SDA Church:

  • The church begun in the year 1990 with one man, Elder Kellins Opoku. He was the only African in the German Church at the time with the difficulty of understanding the German language. But by the grace of God, persisted and integrated into the church and was able to learn and communicate with fellow believers. The feat was achieved through the encouragement from the then Church Elder, Dr. Munster and also the Church Pastor, Pastor Uwe Deertz. From the encouragement, the zeal to serve God and his friendly nature, he met fellow Africans and through the grace of God brought them to church.

    In 1991 he met Mr. Kofi Adu who joined him and became a regular worshiper in the church. Mr. George Pingelfrom the Philippines, Sister Winifried AsanteMr Appiah KubiSister Ama Ampomah and Sister Lucy Owusu-Afriyie all Ghanaians became part of the church in that same year. In the year 1993 Sister Patricia Addo though was a member of the Hamburg Church, but residing here in Bremen, used to join them on some Sabbaths to worship. Elder Kellins Opoku met three brethren in 1995 namely; Raben Kimwamu from Kenya, Duro Djabo  and Eddyboth from Nigeria who settled with him in his home for 6months. The elder used the opportunity to give Bible lessons to these friends who later received the Goodnews and were baptized into the church by Pastor Edgar Maheel. In this same year, Elder BentilMrs.Rosemary Amoahand Mr.Robert Owusu-Ansahfrom Hamburg used to join the brethren here in Bremen to go on an outreach to win more souls for God.

    Elder Kellins Opoku, in 1996 went for a Ghanaian Adventist Camp-meeting and there he met Sister Faustina Oppermann who became part of the community. During the 100year Anniversary celebration of the German-Church here in Bremen in 1997, Sister Felicia Owusu of blessed memory located the church and used to worship with the brethren. In 1997, through an outreach session of the Hamburg/Bremen team, Mr. Edward Gyimah, an old Adventist, was invited and became part of the community.

    In 1998, Elder Kellins Opoku’s wife, Mrs. Tina Amo-Opoku, joined him from Ghana and observes the Sabbath with her husband to date. In the same year 1998, Mr. Asamoah-Berkoalso became part of the church through an outreach session of the Hamburg/Bremen outreach team. When the number of believers (won souls) begun to increase and due to the language barrier and also the need to learn& understand the Sabbath School lessons, the members started to have their Sabbath School class in the main church of the Glass-House where nursing mothers attend to their babies.

    In the year 2000, Elder Nana Addo became part of the community when he came and settled with his wife, Mrs. Patricia Addo. Since his arrival he has organised 2 evangelistic meetings to win more souls for God. In this same year, Mrs. Veronica Adu joined the husband from Ghana and worships every Sabbath. Sister Maria Adutwumwaa was discovered at a social function here in Bremen in 2001 and became a regular member of the church. 
    In the same year of 2001, Mr. Samual AcquahMr. Peter Amankwa, bothstudents, andSister Rosemary Serwah became part of the church.

    Pastor Stefan Brass, the then Pastor of the German-Church organised the first evangelistic outreach for the group. It is always said, the Lord works in miraculous ways. Through a disposed-off invitation card, Brother Samuel Yeboah, now of the Hannover-Church was led to the evangelistic meeting through the Holy Spirit and he became a member of the church. Sister Gifty Odonkor,currently with the church and Brother Jones Brenyahof blessed memory, were discovered through this evangelistic event and through the working power of the Holy Spirit got converted, which led to their baptism in the year 2003.

    The year 2002 saw the arrival of Sister Sarah Göhoti from Tanzania. As the group increased in number, Pastor S.G. Brass brought fort the idea of forming a stand-alone group to have Devine Service. From then onwards the group joined the German-Church for Sabbath School and later re-grouped for their own Devine Service. Pastors Emmanuel Osei and I. K. Donkor used to visit the group to lead them in Devine Service and Sabbath Afternoon Bible Studies.

    Pastor Emmanuel Imbrah later was appointed in 2007 to take care of the flock.Since his arrival, 6 evangelistic meetings were held which saw as many as 15 members today accepting the good news and became baptised. The Kopp family has been the first family from the German-Church to have joined the community since the idea of been a full-fledged church came up in 2011, though Helfried & Christiana Kopp and family have been fellowshipping with the community long before.

    The idea to get the group organised into a full-fledged church was proposed in the year 2011, and from then onwards the church has been preparing itself till today, “the day of organisation – 18th May 2013”. The church became partly independent of the German-Church and organises its own activities except at such times that, the church joins the German-Church (the Mother-Church, so to say) for special programs such as Communion service i.e. (Lord’s Supper). In preparation for this day too, the two long serving and dedicated members (Eld. Kellins Opoku & Eld. Nana Yaw Addo)of the church were ordained as Elders of the Bremen-Church. This took place on the 25th of August, 2012.

    The group was privileged to have the following German Pastors:
    Ps. Uwe Deertz
    Ps. Edgar Machel
    Ps. Heinz Ottschoffsky
    Ps. Starck
    Ps. Stefan G. Brass
    Ps. Sylvain Romain
    Ps. Ottmar Wander (the current Pastor who used to lead the group in Bible studies and after church lessons) and I should make this remark, that he has been a tremendous Pastor to the church and all. God bless you Pastor!

    Church Pioneers include: 
    Elder Kellins Opoku
    Mr. Kofi Adu
    Mrs. Patricia Addo
    Sister Faustina Opperman
    Sister Lucy Owusu-Afriyie
    Sister Ama Ampomah
    Mr. Kwabena Asamoah-Berko

    We are so privileged to still have them all with us today in the service of God.

    Complied & written by: 
    Brother Cephas Kwesi Zuh & Brother Joshua A. Opoku